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Tip 4
Since long, the Finish have treated sauna as a sacred place. It is a place of peace with no hurries or worries or quarrels. That's why the saying "Anger destroys steam". The steam room environment should be nice and tranquil for the nervous system to relax. Otherwise, you will not achieve a relaxing effect.

Tip 3
Avoid eating a heavy meal right before going to the bath. If you have still done it, wait for at least an hour before going into the steam room. Also avoid drinking much, especially alcoholic beverages. If you are hungry or tired after a long physical activity, you will need to have a rest and recover energy before going to bath. As to mental activity, bath is just the right thing.

Tip 2
Before going into the steam room, take a shower with no soap as soap removes natural oils which protect skin from drying.
Do not pour water on your head, it may get overheated. After shower, wipe dry your body and cover your head with a towel or a special felt sauna cap to keep your head from getting too hot.

Tip 1
Do not start out with high temperatures. During the first steaming session, do not get on the upper benches, let your body grow accustomed to heat first. Then you can begin to slowly build up temperatures. An experienced bather advises to first lie on the lowest bench so that all muscles relax, better with feet raised a little bit higher than head. After the initial bath session take a warm shower, and after the second session you can jump into a cool swimming pool or use ice-cold water from the refreshment bucket (three times per session is recommended). Make 10–15 minute intervals between sessions. Before finishing, have a longer rest.

Tip 5
If you want to get rid of kilos, it is highly recommended not to drink after bath for at least two hours. If you cannot follow the advice, at least use herbal teas instead of fizzy drinks.

Whisk uses

The whisk can be used for: fanning, stroking, shaking, whipping, compressing, rubbing and stretching. It is best to combine them, in turn. 

Fanning: there is no direct contact with the body.
Using the whisk as a fan, move it along the body to give a feeling of a pleasant hot "wind". 

Stroking: slowly move the whisk along the body from feet to neck and then back, repeat 3–4 times.

Shaking: from time to time bring the whisk up (the higher, the hotter, so the body will heat up better, if you need it) and shake it,
then press the whisk to the target areas (small of the back, joints, etc.) for a few seconds. If the whisk gets too hot, dip it into cold water.

Whipping: interchange strokes with gentle whips, lying first on stomach and than on back.

Compressing: raise the whisk and make 2–3 whips on the target areas, then raise it again, let it heat up in the hot air and press to the body for a few seconds as a compress.

Rubbing: most often used during the last steaming session, to complete the process. For this, press the whisk to the body with your hand and rub in circles.

Stretching: put two whisks at a time on the small of the back, press them tightly down and move to sides. The technique is an effective way to relieve back pains.

Whisk soaking techniques

There are many ways to soak whisks made of broad-leaved tree twigs. Put a dry whisk in cold water for 10 minutes and then keep it wrapped in a wet towel until the steaming session.
A whisk prepared this way will be softer, but, soaked for a long time, it will lose its benefits because some useful substances containing in leaves will drain into water.
Or you can hold the whisk above hot sauna stones (keep turning it). The leaves will become bright green and the twigs more flexible.
It is also advisable, 7–8 hours before steaming, to splash first cold and then hot water on the whisk, shake it to drip off water and put in a plastic bag until steam room.
In the steam room, put the whisk for some time in a bucket with hot water and cover it with a bowl.

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