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Jadeite test results

Jadeite (Fr. jadéite, from jadeite — nephrite) is a green-coloured mineral, one of the group of alkaline monoclinous pyroxenes, sodium and aluminum silicate. Large jadeite deposits: Upper Burma (elongated areas in the Tau Mau serpentinites), China(Xinjiang, Tibet, Yunnan), Japan, Guatemala, Mexico, USA (California), Kazakstan. Russia's large Borusskoe deposit is located between the Yenisei and Kantegir rivers (Western Sayan range, Khakassia). There are also deposits in the Polar Urals (Levo-Kechpelskoye and Pusyerka).

A rock sample taken at Borusskoe deposit, Beysky district, Khakassia, in 2012 underwent series of examinations and tests. Tomsk Research Institute concluded on the composition of water after contact with the jadeite mineral in a lab environment. Moscow Research Institute for Building Physics at the Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences (NIISF RAASN) undertook a number of tests to measure such properties as heat absorption, thermal conductivity, density and specific heat capacity. N.M. Fedorovsky All-Russian Scientific-Research Institute of Mineral Resources examined the main and typical composition of jadeite. The most important test by the Institute, however, is the phase composition of jadeite as an individual mineral.

Extract of test report of October 31, 2012

Lab sample number: 22tb03.xis

Method of analysis: X-ray diffraction

Identified phase                             Formula                        Content, % of mass.

1. Jadeite                                                 NaAISi2О6                      90

2. Quartz                                                 SiО2                                 8

3. Leucite                                                  KAISi2O6                        <1

Petrographic name of rock: jadeite.

Elements were determined; results were presented as oxides.

Jadeite specific properties: 

Highest density among other available sauna stones

Low water absorption

High thermal capacity

Most beautiful appearance among other available stones.


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