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Круглосуточная доставка по Москве в Новогодние праздники до 10 января.

Круглосуточная беспланая доставка по г. Москве до 10 января от 5000 рублей. При условии онлайн оплаты через сайт и наличного расчета по факту получения товара.

Режим работы в условиях карантина

В период действия карантина наш интернет магизин роботает в штатном графике 24/7

Все заказы отправляются по всем регионам  на следуйщий день после их оформления на нашем сайте. 

Distributor of RBH products in the Yekaterinburg

Distributor of RBH products in the Yekaterinburg

Tel: +7 909 005 82 62

Distributor of Russian Bath House products in the EU and UK

For any matters related with the purchase and sale of sauna items and charcoal in the EU and UK please contact our agent at + 44 7575 093610 or our corporate email.

Construction, repair and renovation of saunas

Repair and renovation of saunas in fitness clubs and spa centres. High quality in short time.


Packaged supply of sauna items to spa centres, saunas and public baths

Russian Bath House offers packaged supply of sauna items (whisks, disposable flip-flops, essential oils, aromas for steam generators, textiles, sawn wood, doors, lamps, ladles, etc.) for spa centres, saunas and public baths with a good discount against the purchase price for those who buy for an amount of RUB 30,000 or more. 

Russian Bath House offers a new sauna item: eucalyptus neck pillow for a spa centre or sauna

Eucalyptus neck pillow is an exclusive product by Russian Bath House. Perfect for use in the steam room. The pillow is made from premium grade eucalyptus leaves and high quality fabric. 

Eucalyptus leaf has a beneficial and curing effect on the body. It is widely used in medical practice to treat and prevent many diseases.
Eucalyptus leaf contains essential oil which has a healing and relaxing action on the human body. It is used to produce many medicines known for their disinfecting, anti-inflammatory, analgetic and antimicrobial properties.

Eucalyptus aroma will create a true environment of the eucalyptus forest in your steam room. Buy this top-quality eco-friendly, reusable product for your sauna or bath and experience its beneficial effect on your body during a steaming session!

How to use:

The pillow can be used in the steam room both as a headrest and for inhalation therapy, which is an advantage over other sauna headrests. The pillow perfectly fits for use in a massage parlour since eucalyptus it is also a perfect relaxant.

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